Blue Dashers


Blue Dashers in North Louisiana

Did you know that blue dashers spend nights in trees?

Blue Dashers
a Glance

Male blue dasher on a tree twig

Key Features:

Blue dashers are dragonflies with yellow stripes on their thoraxes, green eyes, and transparent wings, Females have red eyes.


Ditches, lakes, marshes, ponds, and slow streams

nesting habits:

Blue dashers lay 500 eggs on aquatic plants.

seasons blue dashers are active in our area:

All Year


Aquatic insects, aquatic insect larvae, shrimp, small fish, and tadpoles

hunting Behavior:

Blue dashers hunt from aquatic plants.

Commonly Confused With:

Slaty Skimmers

Blue dashers are often confused with mature male slaty skimmers because they are blue

Male eastern pondhawk on a dried, broken water plant

Blue dashers have yellow stripes on their thoraxes.

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