Common Buckeye Butterflies


Common Buckeye Butterflies in North Louisiana

Did you know that common buckeye caterpillars are poisonous?

Common Buckeye Butterflies
a Glance

Common buckeye butterfly on the cement ground

Key Features:

Common buckeye butterflies have brown wings with one large and two small black-blue eyespots ringed in orange and black; bottom of wings are bordered with orange and light brown markings.


Fields, meadows, gardens, and forest clearings

nesting habits:

Common buckeye butterflies lay eggs on host plants one egg at a time. Common buckeye butterflies can produce two generations a year.

seasons common buckeye butterflies are active in our area:

All year


Nectar and juice from pulp fruit

hunting Behavior:

Common buckeye butterflies pollinate when they eat nectar.

Commonly Confused With:

Southern Pearly Eye Butterflies and White Peacock Butterflies

Buckeye butterfly on a buttonbush over water

Common buckeye butterflies are often confused with white peacock butterflies because both butterflies have spots on their wings that look like eyes. Common buckeye butterflies have brown wings. White peacock butterflies have white wings.

Common buckeye butterflies are often confused with southern pearly eye butterflies because both have they eye pattern on their wings. Southern pearly eye butterflies have brown wings.

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