Metric Paper Wasps


Metric Paper Wasps in North Louisiana

Metric paper wasp

Did you know that metric paper wasps are territorial?

Metric Paper Wasps
a Glance

Metric paper wasp on a tree

Key Features:

Metric paper wasps are brown with long, yellow legs.


Forests and grasslands

nesting habits:

Queens lay eggs in the cells of nests.

seasons metric paper wasps are active in our area:

All year


Nectar and insects, chewed insects for larvae

hunting Behavior:

Metric paper wasps pollinate when they drink nectar. They eat insects that destroy garden plants.

Commonly Confused With:

Yellow Jackets and Yellow-Legged Paper Wasps

Ringed paper wasp on foliage on the ground

Metric paper wasps are often confused with yellow-legged paper wasps because both have brown and yellow coloration. Metric paper wasps brown with yellow legs. Yellow-legged paper wasps are brown with yellow markings and legs.

Metric paper wasp on cement fencing

Metric paper wasps are often confused with yellow jacks because both are a dark color with yellow. Metric paper wasps are brown and only have yellow legs. Yellow jackets are black and yellow.

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