Red Admiral Butterflies


Red Admiral Butterflies in North Louisiana

Red-spotted purple butterfly on a green and brown leaf

Did you know that male red admiral butterflies are territorial?

Red Admiral Butterflies
a Glance

Key Features:

Red admiral butterflies are butterflies with black and orange wings with white spots on the sides and red bands on the undersides of their wings.


Fields, forests, marshes, meadows, parks, and yards

nesting habits:

Red admiral butterflies lay eggs one at a time on the leaves of host plants.

seasons red admiral butterflies are active in our area:

Spring, Summer, Fall


Bird feces, rotting fruit, and sap

hunting Behavior:

Red admiral butterflies clean up bird feces and rotting fruit. They pollenate flowers when they eat the sap.

Commonly Confused With:

Gulf Fritillary Butterflies and Painted Lady Butterflies

Gulf fritillary butterfly on dried brown grass

Red admiral butterflies are often confused with gulf fritillary butterflies because both have orange and black on their wings. Gulf fritillary butterflies have more orange than black on their wings. Red admirals have more black and white spots on their wings.

Red admiral butterfly on a palmetto frond

Red admiral butterflies are often confused with painted lady butterflies because because both butterflies have orange and black wings with white spots on them. Red admiral butterflies have more black on their wings.

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