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We North Louisianans are lucky to have wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, parks and even a national forest in our backyard. North Louisiana has some of the best habitats for ducks and other birds, mammals (including the black bear), reptiles and other animals. The Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and the Russell-Sage Wildlife Management Area, both just outside Monroe, have some of the best bird viewing opportunities in the area. Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge is home to diverse animals, including alligators, egrets, herons, raccoons, deer, and various snakes. The Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, outside of Tallulah, is famous for its bear population. And, then there’s the Kisatchie National Forest, located in several North Louisiana parishes and home to all kinds of animals. Russell-Sage, Black Bayou, Tensas River, and Kisatchie are just a few of many North Louisiana wildlife viewing areas open to the public. This section is dedicated to providing you with information about these places.

Helpful Links

You can find a list of all of Louisiana's wildlife management areas on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website.