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Anolis carolinensis

At A Glance

  • IDENTIFICATION: Bright green or solid brown
  • COMMONLY CONFUSED WITH: Unique in Louisiana
  • CONSERVATION STATUS: Least Concern - Population Stable
  • DIET: Bugs, mollusks, grain, seeds
  • HABITAT: Forests, swamps, towns
  • HIBERNATION SITES: Under bark, inside rotten logs, in houses and barns
  • BREEDING: April - August, more prevelant in warmer weather, gestatopm of 5 - 7 weeks, 1 - 2 eggs released into moist soil every two weeks
  • BEHAVIOR: Aboreal, often found on tree branches, windowsills, and wooden walkways, active during the day
  • SPECIAL SKILLS: Camouflage
  • THREATS: Snakes, birds, other reptiles, pets, frogs
  • SEASONS FOR VIEWING IN NORTH LOUISIANA: Year round; most active during Spring, Summer, Fall