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Chrysemys picta

At A Glance

  • IDENTIFICATION: Yellow stripes on the face, orange and yellow stripes on black legs, orange or red shell bottom, yellow-striped eyes
  • COMMONLY CONFUSED WITH: Pond sliders, map turtles, river cooters
  • CONSERVATION STATUS: Least Concern - Population Stable
  • DIET: Dead or injured fish, aquatic insects, plants
  • HABITAT: Still waters such as those found in water sloughs from slow-moving rivers, roadside ditches, ponds and marshes
  • HIBERNATION SITES: Buries itself in the mud at the bottom of a body of water, on a shore, in woods or pastures; may not hibernate during warm winters
  • BREEDING: Early spring breeding season, nesting May - June, laying 2 - 8 eggs that hatch in early fall or late summer
  • BEHAVIOR: Bask during the day, kick, bite, claw and urinate on predators, can turn themselves over if flipped on their shells
  • SPECIAL SKILLS: Can survive hibernation without breathing
  • THREATS: Predators (adults: alligators, young: rodents, dogs, snakes, birds), parasites (roundworms), vitamin A definency, loss of habitat
  • SEASONS FOR VIEWING IN NORTH LOUISIANA: Year round; most active during Spring, Summer, Fall