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Red-Eared Slider - Red River NWR


Trachemys scripta elegans


  • IDENTIFICATION: Green head, legs, neck with yellow stripes, red mark behind the eye
  • COMMONLY CONFUSED WITH: Painted turtles, yellow-bellied sliders
  • CONSERVATION STATUS: Least Conern - Population Stable
  • DIET: Aquatic vegetation, dead fish, dead frogs, small fish
  • HABITAT: Creeks, lakes, marshes, ponds, slow moving streams
  • BREEDING: Lay 2 to 30 eggs between May and July eggs hatch in roughly 50 days
  • BEHAVIOR: Most active during daylight, basking for much of the day, foraging for food during early morning and late afternoon; go into brumation at the bottom of ponds and shallow lakes
  • SPECIAL SKILLS: Invasion
  • THREATS: Alligators; young are eaten by foxes, raccoons, skunks, storks, wading birds
  • SEASONS FOR VIEWING IN NORTH LOUISIANA: Spring, summer, fall, warmer parts of winter