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About Us is the culmination of a lifetime of stalking and observing wildlife. That’s – well, more years than it used to be – spent in Louisiana’s great outdoors. Even after all this time of watching our animal neighbors, we're still amazed by them – the way they move, the way they communicate, even the way they forage.

Louisiana has beautiful wildlife areas and amazing animals. We have an abundance of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and, yes, invertebrates: Those creepy, crawly bugs make up a large portion of our wildlife. There are a LOT of animals in this region. Since we started this project, we've discovered there are hundreds of species of animals in our great outdoors. There are hundreds of insect species alone, and birds aren't far behind. Y'all, we're in an outdoors paradise.

If you’ve lived here or have visited us, chances are you've seen frogs, foxes, or flamingos. Okay, you probably haven't seen any flamingos unless you’ve been hanging out at a zoo or in a flamboyant neighbors' yard, but you've probably seen lots of other cool animals. We hope this site will help you identify some of these cool animals and understand their roles in our ecosystem. You can learn more about amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles, and, since the North Louisiana outdoors is also home to trees, flowers and beautiful waterways, plants and places you can find wildlife. It's important to note that when we say stalking, we're joking. We admire all wildlife from a respectful distance. Distance keeps us and our wild friends safe. Please do not get close to a wild animal, especially one that appears distressed as you approach. If you agitate the animal, you, or more likely, he or she could be injured. Along the same vein, please do not feed wildlife. There's never a good reason to feed wild animals, not even if you just want a closer look. As animals begin to associate people with food, they become more likely to approach humans, making them more dangerous and more likely to be injured or killed by someone else.

For this site, we define North Louisiana as any parish north of Vernon, Rapides, and Avoyelles. We love South Louisiana and the crossroads parishes, but we're not familiar enough with those areas to make commentaries on their wildlife.

This is a passion project for us. We enjoy talking about the locals. In the interest of fair disclosure, we're not experts on wildlife in North Louisiana, and we don’t have degrees in wildlife management or biology. We're just over-exuberant Louisianans who earned all our degrees in liberal arts and who have loads of fun in our outdoors.



I grew up in the Louisiana outdoors, playing in creeks and shooting at cans and squirrels. As an adult chasing wildlife has become a hobby, though these days we carry a camera, not a gun when we roam the woods. In my adventures with wildlife, I've learned a lot about animal behavior, especially how much bad information we grew up with. So, we've decided to present our own take on our wildlife.

I also spend 50 hours a week writing and editing marketing pieces, maintaining and coding websites, and coordinating exams for distance learners for the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University. It's not as glamorous as hanging out in the muddy, Louisiana outdoors, but it pays the bills and for this site.

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I'm an interactive graphic designer who has worked on projects for Tech's SPEAK Magazine, the Tech Talk newspaper, and Louisiana Tech Communications. I work with responsive web design, interactive design, motiongraphics, and more. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Louisiana Tech University. My role was to design the website and provide the template code. If you'd like to contact me for any multimedia or design projects, please visit