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Basic Info about the Wildlife Management Area

The Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana is nearly 40,000 acres.

The Russell Sage WMA is one of our favorite places to visit our local wildlife. The wildlife management area is nearly 40,000 acres of sloughs, swamplands, and forests and stretches through Caldwell, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland Parishes. This refuge provides lots of good habitat for mammals like river otters, bears, deer, armadillos, and raccoons, as well as songbirds, woodpeckers, snakes, turtles, lizards, and all kinds of bugs.

Russell Sage is one of those places we can’t oversell. While the areas just off 80 are fun to look around, our favorite area for wildlife watching is the area just off 15. You’ll find some of the biggest egrets and herons you’ve ever seen there (along with huuuuuuge dragonflies).

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Nine-Banded armadillo foraging in grassNine-Banded armadillo partially hidden behind leaves


Off LA-15
Great blue heron standing on the groundGreat blue heron standing on the ground

Great Blue Heron

Off LA-15
Blue jay looking out from its perch on a branchBlue jay eating

Blue Jay

Off LA-15
Ruby-crowned kinglet looking around from its perch on a tree branchRuby-crowned kinglet perched behind bramble on a tree

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Off US-80
Orange sulphur butterfly snacking on a green leaf in a meadowOrange sulphur butterfly snacking on a green leaf in a meadow

Orange Sulphur Butterfly

Russell Sage Road
Great egret perched on branches above waterGreat egret calling

Great Egret

Off LA-15
Blue and white morph snow geese migrating through a deep blue skyBlue and white morph snow geese migrating through a deep blue sky

Snow Geese

Off US-80
Turkey vulture flying away through a light blue skyTurkey vulture soaring low looking for food

Turkey Vulture

Off US-80
Variegated meadowhawk on a gravel rock.Variegated meadowhawk on a gravel rock.

Variegated Meadowhawk

Off US-80
Red-eared slider sunning on a logRed-eared slider sunning on a log

Red-Eared Slider

Off US-80
Red-tailed hawk looking over its shoulder from a tree branchRed-tailed hawk taking off from a tree limb

Red-Tailed Hawk

Off US-80
Green anole changing color on a permits boxGreen anole changing color on a permits box

Green Anole

Off US-80
Orange-crowned warbler landing on a bare tree branchOrange-crowned warbler foraging in a tree

Orange-Crowned Warbler

Off US-80
Monarch butterfly in a meadowMonarch butterfly in a meadow

Monarch Butterfly

Russell Sage Road
Northern cricket frog on a brown leaf

Northern Cricket Frog

Wham Brake

The armadillo is one of our favorite animals in North Louisiana. These loud, little anteaters live throughout North Louisiana, and you’ll encounter them almost anywhere you enjoy nature. The reason we picked the commonly encountered armadillo rather than the red-tailed hawk (who we first met at Russell Sage) is that we enjoyed watching and listening to an adorable armadillo family here.

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The Russell Sage WMA is one of many places you can enjoy our local wildlife. 

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