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Armadillo - Black Bayou Lake NWR


North Louisiana is home to a variety of mammals. The most common are deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and armadillos. Of the classes of animals in Louisiana, most of us are probably most familiar with mammals despite it being the class with the smallest number of animals in the area. After all, we’re mammals.

Many researchers believe that the first mammals appeared in the Late Triassic Era (225 million years ago), and were originally nocturnal insectivores and may have had traits of marsupials. As mammals began to evolve, they learned to swim, dig and fish.

Most mammals worldwide are terrestrial, meaning they live on land; however, some - such as the river otter - are semi aquatic, meaning they live a large portion of their lives in water. The same is true in North Louisiana. Mammals are also warm-blooded animals that have hair and, that for the most part, give birth to live babies, instead of laying eggs and care for their young longer than reptiles and amphibians.