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Birds are beautiful, playful and fascinating creatures...who may be dinosaurs in disguise! You’ve probably read that some researchers think that birds are descendants of dinosaurs. Their ability to fly and small size allowed them to escape predators, and the development of feathers likely helped them avoid the climatic changes in ensuing eras.

Louisiana’s warm, humid climate is perfect for today’s birds. Apparently, birds love warm winters and sweltering summers. In addition, to the variety of our year-round residents, birds from Canada and northern states vacation here during the winter.

Birds make up the third most species in the seven classifications I’ve divided the site into, and the second most species of the five animal classifications in North Louisiana. Only invertebrates and plants are more numerous. Things that fly love this region. Whether you're looking for a duck or a blackbird or even a hummingbird, you can find your query here.

One of the more interesting things about birds is that, for most species, the males and females look strikingly different, with the females having a more muted color. In many species, the juvenile takes on a color similar to the female, but outgrows it. Picture a cardinal. Now try a red-winged blackbird. If you pictured a bright red cardinal, or a bright black bird with a bright red stripe on its wing, you’re thinking of the male bird. The females of these species are brown and rusty, respectively. Male birds also often have tufts of plumage. Click on a species page to learn more about how to identify these birds.

Helpful Links

We suggest you also check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All about Birds" and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries "Birds of Louisiana" sites for more information. We’ve relied on those sites to help identify more birds than we can count. All about Birds has an easy to use system that you can use to compare photos to males, females, and juveniles, as well as birds that are similar. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries provides a list of birds in the area.

Where to find North Louisiana Birds

North Louisiana is composed of great habitat for ducks and other birds. You can see songbirds like cardinals, blue jays, robins, sparrows and wrens in your yard. You can find larger wading birds like egrets, herons and cranes at ponds, lakes and wilderness management areas like D’Arbonne Lake, Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, Russell-Sage, Black Bayou Lake and Tensas River Management Area.