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Leopard frog partially submerged in muddy water

Did you know that southern leopard frogs like to blend in with their surroundings?

Southern Leopard Frogs
a Glance

Ribbon snake dragging a leopard frog through mud and plants

Key Features:

Southern leopard frogs are small, brown or green frogs with dark spots on their backs, legs, and sides.
Least Concern - Population Stabl


Lakes, marshes, ponds, streams, and swamps

nesting habits:

Southern leopard frogs lay hundreds of eggs in late winter or early spring stuck to underwater plants.

seasons southern leopard frogs are active in our area:

Spring, summer, fall


Insects and Worms

hunting Behavior:

Southern leopard frogs hunt by ambush.

Commonly Confused With:

Pickerel Frogs

Pickerel frog swimming with its head above water

Southern leopard frogs are often confused with pickerel frogs because both frogs have spots on their backs.

North Louisiana Amphibians: Young leopard frog in the mud

Southern leopard frogs have spots on their backs, sides, and legs. Pickerel frogs have two rows of spots going down their backs.

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