North Louisiana Wildlife

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The locations in the badges are the biomes where we’ve met them (and where we think you’ll be most likely to come across them). That doesn’t mean they don’t hang out in other places. 


Species of Lizards

By The Numbers

Learn more about lizards in North Louisiana.


Green anole having lunch

Green Anoles

You'll meet these little color-morphin' friends scurrying across wooden platforms, weaving over and under pine straw on the ground, or grabbing lunch from a low-hanging tree branch.

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Immature five-lined skink in a threat pose a wooden walkway

Five-Lined Skinks

You'll meet these fiesty little skinks wherever you look near bushes...especially if those bushes are near standing water.

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Little Brown Skinks

We find these little camo animals in dry areas near swamps. Like their legless penny-colored relatives, they're often on (or under) pine straw.

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Pair of eastern fence lizards on a wooden perch

Eastern Fence Lizards

You can meet these lizards throughout North Louisiana year round. You'll most likely find these little guys and gals at Corney Lake or the Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden in Kisatchie.

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Adult male broadhead skink on a rotting log

Broadhead Skinks

You'll meet this skink on rotten logs and in deep brushy forested areas near water (so basically the entirety of North Louisiana is potential habitat for them).

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Learn about national wildlife refuges, Kisatchie National Forest ranger districts, state wildlife management areas, and state parks found throughout North Louisiana.

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