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White-Tailed Deer of North Louisiana

White-tailed deer hiding in dense vegetation

Did you know that white-tailed deer are good swimmers?

White-Tailed Deer
a Glance

Ten white-tailed deer grazing in a field

Key Features:

White-tailed deer are large, hooved, brown, tan, or gray mammals with white under their tails. Males have antlers.

Least Concern - Population Stable


Croplands, hardwoods, meadows, and pastures

nesting habits:

White-tailed deer mate from October to December. They give birth to one to three fauns from April to June.

seasons white-tailed deer are active in our area:

Spring, summer, fall, warm winter


Corn, fruits, grass, leaves, nuts, twigs, and fungi

hunting Behavior:

White-tailed deer graze.

Commonly Confused With:

White-tailed deer are unique in North Louisiana. Here are two cool facts.

Ten white-tailed deer grazing in a field

White-tailed deer are active at dawn and dusk.

White-tailed deer doe hiding in tall grass

White-tailed deer have very good hearing and eyesight.

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