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The locations in the badges are the biomes where we’ve met them (and where we think you’ll be most likely to come across them). That doesn’t mean they don’t hang out in other places. 


Species of Sparrows, Larks, and Longspurs


Species in North Louisiana All Year

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Species in North Louisiana in Winter


Species in North Louisiana in Spring


Species in North Louisiana in Summer


Dark-eyed junco on the ground
Forests, Lakes

Dark-Eyed Juncos

Like many sparrows, dark-eyed juncos are winter visitors to North Louisiana. You're most likely to meet them as they forage along the ground in wooded areas near lakes.

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Male house sparrow on a wire fence

House Sparrows

This invasive species is loosely related to the other North Louisiana sparrows. You're most likely to meet them in towns. They particularly enjoy stoplights in North Central Louisiana university towns.

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White-throated sparrow looking out from its perch on a tree limb
Forests, Yards

White-Throated Sparrows

White-throated sparrows are winter visitors who hang out in forests throughout North Louisiana. These are the sparrows you're most likely to meet in your yard.

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Fox sparrow foraging near a house foundation near snow

Fox Sparrows

These red sparrows are winter visitors who hang out in yards and near forests. You're most likely to find these little birds on the ground under foliage.

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