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Young bluegill sunfish swimming

Did you know that bluegill sunfish are social?

Bluegill Sunfish
a Glance

Young bluegill sunfish swimming in shallow water

Key Features:

Bluegill sunfish are olive-green fish with light sides, olive stripes on their sides, small mouths, and flat tails.

Least Concern - Population Stable


Lakes, ponds, and streams

nesting habits:

From May to August, bluegill sunfish lay five clutches of eggs in holes in the dirt and rocks at the bottom of lakes, ponds, and streams.

seasons bluegill sunfish are active in our area:

Spring, summer, fall


Insects, crawfish, fish, fish eggs, snails, and zoo plankton

hunting Behavior:

Bluegill sunfish hunt unmoving or slow prey. They do not like to chase fast prey.

Commonly Confused With:

Spotted Bass, Bream, and Crappies

Young spotted bass swimming in murky water

Bluegill sunfish are often confused with spotted bass because both are large, green fish.

Young bluegill sunfish swimming in shallow water

Bluegill sunfish have lighter sides. Spotted bass are narrow and have black spots on their sides.

Look for bluegill sunfish in ponds, lakes, and rivers in spring, summer, and fall.

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