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Species of Crickets and Grasshoppers


Species of Crickets in North Louisiana

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Learn more about crickets in North Louisiana.


Species of Grasshoppers in North Louisiana

Crickets & Grasshoppers

Field crickets and a snails on a duck decoy in a swamp

Field Crickets

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Differential grasshopper on red twigs of a green plant

Differential Grasshoppers

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Mischievous bird grasshopper on grass

Mischievous Bird Grasshoppers

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Red-legged grasshopper on gravel

Red-Legged Grasshoppers

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Sulphur-winged grasshopper on a gravel path

Sulphur-Winged Grasshoppers

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Male admirable grasshopper on a blade of grass

Admirable Grasshoppers

Coming Soon.
Adult eastern lubber grasshopper standing on concrete

Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers

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Pallid-winged grasshopper on gravel

Pallid-Winged Grasshoppers

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Short-winged grasshopper clinging to a tall weed

Short-winged Grasshoppers

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