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The locations in the badges are the biomes where we’ve met them (and where we think you’ll be most likely to come across them). That doesn’t mean they don’t hang out in other places. 


Species of Snakes


Species of Venomous Snakes in North Louisiana

By The Numbers

Learn more about snakes in North Louisiana.


Species of Nonvenomous Snakes in North Louisiana

Venomous Snakes

Timber rattlesnake on rocky ground
Forests, Swamps

Canebrake Rattlesnakes

Your most likely to meet these chevron-wearing snakes in hardwood forests. If you've spent much time in deep woods, odds are you've walked past one of these, since they blend with their environment dangerously well.

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Adult cottonmouth slithering across a gravel road
Swamps, Lakes


You'll meet cottonmouths -- aka water moccasins -- in and near swamps, lakes, and other bodies of water, but not if they see you first. These snakes musk when they're spooked, so if you smell a treacherous stench, take a look around, you might be in the presence of this Duke of the Swamp.

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Juvenile copperhead in a defensive pose in an asphalt road
Forests, Swamps


You'll find these bad-tempered snakes in roads, forests, swamps, your yard -- pretty much everywhere. Their hobbies include blending in with their environment and snapping at people who disturb them.

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Nonvenomous Snakes

Rough green snake slithering through bushes

Rough Green Snakes

You're most likely to meet rough green snakes in bushes near swamps.

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Black western rat snake (chicken snake) crawling over a limb

Western Rat Snake

These snakes hang out in forests, yards, swamps...basically, it's one of the most common snakes you'll meet in North Louisiana.

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Mississippi green water snake in shallow swamp water
Lakes & Swamps

Mississippi Green Water Snake

As you can probably guess from this name, Mississippi greens are found in lakes and swamps in North Louisiana.

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Glossy crayfish snake slithering along the ground

Glossy Swamp Snakes

You're most likely to meet these small, shiny snakes near swamps.

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Diamondback water snake swimming

Diamondback Water Snake

You're most likely to find these cottonmouth and rattlesnake dopplegangers sunning near or swimming in a lake.

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Broad-banded water snake swimming under water

Broad-Banded Water Snake

You're most likely to meet this snake when you're spending quality time at the swamp. They're all over Black Bayou NWR near Monroe.

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