North Louisiana Wildlife

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Young Louisiana black bear grazing

Did you know that Louisiana black bears do not always hibernate all winter in North Louisiana?

Black Bears
a Glance

Young Louisiana black bear looking carefully into the distance

Key Features:

Louisiana black bears are blond to black four-legged mammals with round ears and rumps higher than their shoulders when on four legs.

Least Concern - Population Increasing, but endangered in Louisiana


Heavily vegetated forests

nesting habits:

Louisiana black bears mate during summer once every two years. Two-five cubs are born in January.

seasons Louisiana black bears are active in our area:

Spring, summer, fall, warmer winter


Berries, carrion, fish, grasses, bugs, roots

hunting Behavior:

Louisiana black bears forage by digging, tearing apart logs, fishing, and taking any available food.

Commonly Confused With:

Large Black Dogs

Young Louisiana black bear grazing

Large black dogs are often mistaken for Louisiana black bears at a distance because both are large black mammals.

Young Louisiana black bear grazing on grass

Louisiana black bears have round ears. Dogs have longer ears.

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