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Species of Dragonflies in North Louisiana

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Eastern amberwings on the end of a branch

Eastern Amberwings

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Common Green Darners

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Male ebony jewelwing on a green leaf over water

Ebony Jewelwings

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Four-spotted pennant perched at the edge of a weed against a pretty, blue sky

Four-Spotted Pennants

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Mature female pondhawk dragonfly on a limb

Eastern Pondhawks

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Painted skimmer on a wooden walkway

Painted Skimmers

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Female common whitetail dragonfly perched on the vine of a green and brown weed

Common Whitetail Dragonflies

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Blue-tipped dancer on a rock at a shallow creek

Blue-Tipped Dancers

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Female blue dasher dragonfly flying close to the ground

Blue Dashers

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Variegated meadowhawk on a gravel rock.

Variegated Meadowhawks

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Halloween pennant dragonfly perched on bright green leaves

Halloween Pennant

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Great blue skimmer perched on a twig

Great Blue Skimmers

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Slaty skimmer standing on a leaf

Slaty Skimmers

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