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Striped skunk tracks in loose mud

Did you know that striped skunks can spray predators from up to 15 feet away?

Striped Skunks
a Glance

Striped skunk tracks in loose mud

Key Features:

Striped skunks are black mammals with two white stripes on their backs and tails.

Least Concern - Population Stable


Berries, carrion, eggs, fish, grubs, insects, plants, and rodents

nesting habits:

Striped skunks mate from February to April. They give birth to two to ten kits in late spring.

seasons striped skunks active in our area:

All year


Birds, cats, deer, dogs, mice, rabbits, and squirrels

hunting Behavior:

Skunks hunt at night.

Commonly Confused With:

Possibly Spotted Skunks

Striped skunk tracks in the mud

Striped skunks are possibly often confused with spotted skunks because both are black and white skunks.

Striped skunk tracks in loose mud

Striped skunks are larger. Spotted skunks have a white spot on their foreheads and white stripes on their bodies. Spotted skunks have not been sighted in Louisiana for 30 years.

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