North Louisiana Wildlife

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Coyote track in dried mud

Did you know that coyotes mate for life?

a Glance

Coyote scat on brown leaves

Key Features:

Coyotes are gray or reddish-brown mammals with white throats, white chests, white bellies, and bushy tails.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Forests and prairies

nesting habits:

Coyotes breed in winter and give birth to four-seven in late winter or early spring.

seasons coyotes are active in our area:

All year


Carrion, deer, fruit, insects, livestock, poultry, rabbits, and rodents

hunting Behavior:

Coyotes hunt alone or in pairs.

Commonly Confused With:

Dogs and Red Wolves

Coyote track in dirt

Coyotes are often confused with red wolves because both have the same range of colors. Coyotes are shorter. 

Fuzzy coyotes in the distance down a dirt road

Coyotes are often confused with dogs because some dogs have similar colored fur. Coyotes have pointed noses. Dogs have longer noses.

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