North Louisiana Wildlife

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Raccoon looking out from a thin tree

Did you know that raccoons steal leaves from squirrel nests?

a Glance

Raccoon grooming in grass

Key Features:

Raccoons are medium mammals with bushy tails, brown or gray fur, striped tails, and black masks on their faces.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Cities, forests, and marshlands

nesting habits:

Raccoons mate in late winter or early spring and give birth to one to one-six kits in late spring.

seasons raccoons are active in our area:

All year


Berries, crawfish, eggs, frogs, fruits, insects, nuts, pet food, plants, rodents, and garbage

hunting Behavior:

Raccoons eat any food that is available.

Commonly Confused With:

Unique in North Louisiana. Here are two cool facts.

Common raccoon washing its hands in a pool

Raccoons wash their front paws before meals to soften the skin on the bottom of their feet so they can feel the food they eat.

Common raccoon foraging in a field

Although, raccoons have the highest rate of rabies in the United States, there are no reported cases in Louisiana. Skunks and bats are the biggest carriers of rabies in Louisiana.

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