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Species of Frogs and Toads in North Louisiana


Species of Toads in North Louisiana

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Learn more about frogs and toads in North Louisiana.


Species of Frogs in North Louisiana


North Louisiana Amphibians: Green, or bronze, frog on a mossy bank

Bronze Frogs

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Northern cricket frog in shallow, stagnant water

Northern Cricket Frogs

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North Louisiana Amphibians: Young leopard frog in the mud

Southern Leopard Frogs

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Blanchard's cricket frog on a dead, brown leaf near two fallen logs

Blanchard's Cricket Frogs

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Pickerel frog swimming with its head above water

Pickerel Frogs

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American toad in mud near cement

American Toads

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North Louisiana Amphibians: Fowler's toad on a log

Fowler's Toads

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