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Did you know that eastern wood-pewee nests are so will hidden that they look like knots on trees?

Eastern Wood-Pewees
a Glance

Key Features:

Eastern wood-pewees are brown with peaked heads and two wing bars.

Least Concern - Population Decreasing



nesting habits:

Eastern wood-pewees build small cup-shaped nests in trees out of bark, grass, hair, leaves, lichen, moss, pine needles, roots, twigs, weeds, and wool.

seasons eastern wood-pewees are active in our area:

Spring, summer


Insects, berries, poison ivy, and seeds

hunting Behavior:

Eastern wood-pewees catch insects from the air and forage on the ground.

Commonly Confused With:

Eastern Phoebes and Great-Crested Flycatchers

Great-crested flycatcher grooming

Eastern wood-pewees are often confused with great-crested flycatchers because both are small gray birds.

Eastern phoebe looking around from its perch above water

Eastern wood-pewees are often confused for eastern phoebes because both are small, brown birds.

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