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Immature summer tanager on a tree limb

Did you know that summer tanagers remove stingers from bees by rubbing them on trees before eating them?

Summer Tanagers
a Glance

Immature summer tanager on a tree limb

Key Features:

Male summer tanagers are red. Females are yellow.

Least Concern - Population Stable


Open forests, gardens, and parks

nesting habits:

Summer tanagers make their nests out of grass in trees.

seasons scarlet tanagers are active in our area:

Spring, summer


Fruits, insects, spiders

hunting Behavior:

Summer tanagers forage in treetops.

commonly confused with:

male northern cardinals

Male northern cardinal perched in a bare tree

Male scarlet tanagers are often confused with male northern cardinals due to both of them being bright red birds.

Male northern cardinal calling

Scarlet tanagers forage in treetops, while northern cardinals will forage on the ground and in shrubbery.

Look for summer tanagers in your backyard in spring and summer.

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