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Red-spotted purple butterfly on a green and brown leaf

Did you know that red-spotted caterpillars hibernate during winter?

Red-Spotted Purple Butterflies
a Glance

Red-spotted purple butterfly on a rocky dirt road

Key Features:

Red-spotted purple butterflies are black butterflies with iridescent blue dashes and orange spots on their wings.



nesting habits:

Red-spotted purple butterflies lay their eggs on the tips of willow or cherry leaves.

seasons red-spotted purple butterflies are active in our area:

Spring, Summer, Fall


Carrion, feces, rotting fruit, sap, and nectar

hunting Behavior:

Red-spotted purple butterflies prefer carrion, feces, rotting fruit, and sap over nectar.

Commonly Confused With:

Pipevine Swallowtails

Pipevine swallowtail butterfly flying close to the ground

Red-spotted purple butterflies are often confused with male pipevine swallowtails because both are black butterflies with iridescent blue on their wings.

Red-spotted purple butterfly perched on dying green leaves

Pipevine swallowtails have tails on their hindwings.

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