Viceroy Butterflies


Viceroy Butterflies in North Louisiana

Viceroy butterfly on a weed

Did you know that viceroy butterflies evolved to look like monarch butterflies, which are poisonous to predators, to keep from getting eaten?

Viceroy Butterflies
a Glance

Viceroy butterfly on a gravel pathway

Key Features:

Viceroy butterflies are butterflies with orange wings with black markings on them. They have black borders with white spots in them on their wings.


Marshes, meadows, and swamps

nesting habits:

Viceroy butterflies lay one egg at a time on a leave. They will lay three on a single nesting plant. The caterpillars that hatch out of the eggs will eat the leaves of the nesting plant.

seasons viceroy butterflies are active in our area:

All year


Carrion, feces, fungus, and nectar

hunting Behavior:

Viceroy butterflies forage during the day. They are pollinators and clean-up. They help clean up dead bodies and feces.

Commonly Confused With:

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterfly on a yellow flower

Viceroy butterflies are often confused with monarch butterflies because both have orange wings with black borders with white spots in them.

Viceroy butterfly on a large piece of grass

Viceroy butterflies have a black line on their hindwings. Monarch butterflies are larger.

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