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Basic Info about the Wildlife Management Area

The Bussey Brake Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana is 2,600 acres set aside for anglers and nature enthusiasts to enjoy.

The center piece of the Bussey Brake WMA is a small lake that is regularly stocked with finfish. An eight-mile hiking trail at the top of a levee loops around the lake, providing good opportunities for birding.

It’s a good place to see fish, bugs, reptiles, and especially birds. You can find goldfinches, wrens, sparrows, coots, herons, egrets, cardinals, kinglets, and woodpeckers in the trees along the levee and in the water.

By The Numbers

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Parking Areas


Size in Acres


Self-Clearing Permit Stations


Daily Limit Bass


Daily Limit Crappie


Daily Limit Bream

American coot swimmingAmerican coot swimming

American Coot


Carolina Wrens

Woods Near Building
American goldfinch perched on a branchAmerican goldfinch foraging on a branch

American Goldfinch


Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Near Fence Row

Dark-Eyed Junco

Woods Near Building

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Woods Near Building

You can find American coots throughout North Louisiana during the winter. These “not ducks” swim through lakes and sloughs and are especially prevalent in state parks with lakes.

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The Bussey Brake WMA is one of many places you can enjoy our local wildlife. 

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