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Basic Info about the Park

The Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is 2,700 acres across two sites just north of Delhi.

Poverty Point is our favorite state park! It’s a great fishing spot whether you’re working from the docks, a boat, or in the case of eagles and ospreys, the sky.

You’ll find all kinds of water birds here: herons, egrets, killdeer, swallows, cormorants, gulls, and terns. In warmer weather (i.e. 11.5 months of the year), you’ll find snakes, turtles, and various bugs here, too.

The trails are easy to walk, and the park is so large that it’s easy to find a quiet place to nature watch.

Our favorite place at the park is the South Landing, where you can watch eagles soar across the sky and pelicans skid across the water, but we also enjoy the North Marina, especially when the beach is closed in the winter. You’ll find loads of terns and gulls there during the cooler months.




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Male brown-headed cowbird foraging on the groundMale brown-headed cowbird strutting through a lawn

Brown-Headed Cowbird

North Marina

Canada Geese & Snowy Egret

Flock of double-crested cormorants on a wooden platform in waterAdult and immature double-crested cormorants on a tree as a ring-billed gull flies by


South Landing
Vesper sparrow standing on stoneVesper sparrow standing on stone

Vesper Sparrow

North Marina

Green Heron

South Landing
American coots foraging on the grass near a shoreAmerican coot looking backward

American Coots

North Marina
Ring-billed gull in flight through a blue skyRing-billed gulls circling the blue sky

Ring-Billed Gull

South Landing
Belted kingfisher in flightBelted kingfisher in flight


South Landing
Barn swallow soaring through a blue skyBarn swallow soaring through a blue sky

Barn Swallow

North Marina
Killdeer bird flying low over waterKilldeer flying over water


South Landing
Diamondback water snake swimmingDiamondback water snake swimming

Diamond-backed Water Snake

North Marina
American white pelicans landing with and taking off from their flockAmerican white pelicans swimming with double-crested cormorants, while cormorant, gulls, and terns fly above

American Pelicans

South Landing
Male red-winged blackbird looking around from its perch on a treeMale red-winged blackbird calling from a tree branch

Red-Winged Blackbird

South Landing
Tree swallow soaring through the skyTree swallow soaring through the sky

Tree Swallow

European starlings landing and flying from a dead treeFlock of European starlings and three double-crested cormorants, including one immature cormorant on a dead tree

European Starlings

North Marina

Bald eagles are some of our favorite animals in North Louisiana’s skies, waters, or forests. Whether they’re fishing or flying, these birds are fast and amazing to watch. 

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The Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is one of many places you can enjoy our local wildlife. 

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