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Blue-headed vireo flying away

Did you know that blue-headed vireos return earlier than most migrating birds, they return before the deciduous trees regrow their leaves?

Blue-Headed Vireos
a Glance

Key Features:

Blue-headed vireos are small, chunky, birds with blue-gray heads, green backs, and white bellies, breasts, and around their eyes.

Least Concern - Population Stable



nesting habits:

Blue-headed vireos forage in trees.

seasons blue-headed vireos are active in our area:

Spring, fall, winter


Fruit and insects

hunting Behavior:

Great blue herons forage in water by waiting and striking.

Commonly Confused With:

White-Eyed Vireos

White-eyed vireo looking around from its perch on a small branch

Blue-headed vireos are often confused with white-eyed vireos because both are small birds with gray heads.

Blue-headed vireo looking away on a tree branch in the snow

Blue-headed vireos have darkerĀ  gray heads and white bellies. white-eyed vireos have yellow bellies.

Look for blue-headed vireos in your backyard in spring, fall, and winter.

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