North Louisiana Wildlife

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Blue jay looking out from its perch on a branch

Blue jays are related to crows.

Blue Jays
a Glance

Blue jay looking down

Key Features:

Blue jays are blue with white bellies, and black beaks and eyes.

Least Concern - Population Stable


Cities, forests, and towns

nesting habits:

Blue jays build cup-shaped nests in trees made of bark, grass, moss, weeds, and sometimes mud.

seasons blue jays are active in our area:

All year


Insects, nuts, seeds, and grains

hunting Behavior:

Blue jays forage on the ground.

Blue jays are unique in North Louisiana

Here are a couple of fun facts.

Blue jay partially hidden behind leaves in a shadowy tree

Blue jays helped spread oak trees after the last glacial period.

Blue jay sharpening its beak on a tree branch

Blue jays build complex social systems.

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