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Juvenile brown thrasher looking around defensively from the ground

Did you know that brown thrashers are aggressive enough to peck people and dogs when they are protecting their nests?

Brown Thrashers
a Glance

Brown thrasher calling from the ground as it forages for food

Key Features:

Brown thrashers are brown birds with two white stripes on each wing, black spotted white bellies, yellow eyes, and black beaks.

Least Concern - Population Decreasing


Forests and overgrown clearings

nesting habits:

Brown thrashers build cup-shaped nests low in trees or shrubbery out of twigs, dead leaves, grass, bark, and roots.

seasons brown thrashers are active in our area:

All year


Insects, arthropods, fruit, seeds, and nuts

hunting Behavior:

Brown thrashers forage on the ground.

Commonly Confused With:

Northern Cardinals and Wood Thrushes

Female cardinal looking out from her perch on a vine

Brown thrashers are often confused with female northern cardinals because both are brown birds. Female northern cardinals have brown bellies.

Brown thrasher on a tree branch

Brown thrashers are often confused with wood thrushes because both are brown birds with black spotted white bellies. Brown thrashers are larger with longer beaks and tails.

Look for brown thrashers in your backyard all year.

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