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Adult Mississippi kite gearing up to take off from a tree branch

Did you know that one-year-old Mississippi kites help mating pairs defend their nests, incubate their eggs, and raise heir chicks?

Mississippi Kites
a Glance

Mississippi kite soaring through the sky

Key Features:

Mississippi kites are gray birds with black tails, white heads, and white wingtips.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Along rivers, groves, prairies, and towns

nesting habits:

Mississippi kites build nests in old trees out of twigs.

seasons mississippi kites are active in our area:

Spring, summer, fall


Large insects, bats, frogs, rodents, small birds, snakes, and toads

hunting Behavior:

Mississippi kites hunt by swooping down to grab prey.

Commonly Confused With:

Northern Harriers, White-Tailed Kites, and Peregrine Falcons

Northern harrier swooping down

Mississippi kites are often confused with northern harriers because both are gray birds with black wingtips. Mississippi kites have white heads. Northern harriers have white undersides. 

White-tailed kite soaring in the sky at dusk

Mississippi kites are often confused with white-tailed kites because both have gray wings and backs. Mississippi kites are gray birds. White-tailed kites are white birds.

Look for Mississippi kites in your backyard in spring, summer, and fall.

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