Checkered Skippers


Checkered Skippers in North Louisiana

Did you know that checkered skippers fly in groups in the afternoon?

Checkered Skippers
a Glance

Key Features:

Checkered skippers are skippers with blue-gray wings with large, white spots. The undersides of their wings are dull white with gray bands. Females have darker wings.


Fields, gardens, landfills, meadows, pastures, prairies, openings in forests, and yards

nesting habits:

Eggs are laid singly on a host plant in afternoon.

seasons checkered skippers are active in our area:

All year


Carrion, feces, nectar, and rotting fruit

hunting Behavior:

Females eat nectar. Males eat carrion, feces and rotting fruit.

Commonly Confused With:

Silver-Spotted Skippers

Silver-spotted skipper butterfly on the green leaves of bush

Checkered skippers are often confused with silver-spotted skippers because both have spots on their wings.

Female checkered skipper on a purple bloom

Checkered skippers have blue-gray wings with white spots on them. Silver-spotted skippers have brown wings with silver spots on them.

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