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Eastern carpenter bee eating nectar from a purple flower

Did you know that eastern carpenter bees are solitary?

Eastern Carpenter Bees
a Glance

Eastern carpenter bee in flight above a meadow

Key Features:

Eastern carpenter bees are shiny, black insects with hairy, yellow thoraxes and wings. Females have stingers.


Anywhere with wood

nesting habits:

Eastern carpenter bees drill holes in wood and lay their eggs. They also put some nectar and regurgitated pollen in the holes for the larvae to eat when they hatch.

seasons eastern carpenter bees are active in our area:

Spring, summer, fall


Nectar and Pollen

hunting Behavior:

Eastern carpenter bees pollinate when they eat nectar and gather pollen for their future offspring.

Commonly Confused With:


American bumblebee and cucumber beetle feeding on a flower

Eastern carpenter bees are often confused with bumblebees because both are black and yellow and have hair.

Eastern carpenter bee eating nectar from a purple flower

Eastern carpenter bees do not have hair on their abdomens and are shiny.

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