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Gulf fritillary butterfly on gravel

Did you know that gulf fritillary butterflies sleep at night and during severe weather?

Gulf Fritillary Butterflies
a Glance

Gulf fritillary butterfly drinking nectar from a flower

Key Features:

Gulf fritillary butterflies are butterflies with bright orange wings with black markings on them.


Fields, open forests, parks, pastures, roadsides, and yards

nesting habits:

Gulf fritillary butterflies lay one egg at a time on a host plant. Several generations can be bred in one year.

seasons gulf fritillary butterflies are active in our area:

Spring, Summer, Fall



hunting Behavior:

Gulf fritillary butterflies eat nectar from plants during the day.

Commonly Confused With:

Red Admiral Butterflies

Red admiral butterfly on the mud

Gulf fritillary butterflies are often confused with red admirals because both have orange and black on their wings.

Gulf fritillary butterfly drinking nectar from an orange flower

Gulf fritillary butterflies have more orange than black on their wings. Red admirals have more black and white spots on their wings.

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