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American goldfinch perched on a branch

Did you know that both members of an American goldfinch pair have identical calls?

American Goldfinches
a Glance

American goldfinch perched on a branch

Key Features:

Male American goldfinches are small, yellow birds with black foreheads and wings and white markings. Females are olive on top and dull yellow on the bottom.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Backyards, fields, floodplains, parks, suburbs

nesting habits:

American goldfinches build cup-shaped nest on vertical branches high in shrubbery and saplings made of pappus. plant fibers, rootlets, and spider silk.

seasons American goldfinches are active in our area:

All year



hunting Behavior:

American goldfinches forage by standing in the seedbeds of plants.

commonly confused with:

Pine siskins and other finches

American goldfinch foraging in a tree

Nonbreeding male American goldfinches are often confused with pine siskins due to their streaky brown coloration and wing patterns.

Pine siskin foraging

Nonbreeding male American goldfinches have yellow heads and have less streaky patterns than pine siskins.

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