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American robin looking out from its perch on a branch

Did you know that American robins can be easily poisoned by pesticides?

American Robins
a Glance

American robin standing on a snow-covered limb

Key Features:

American robins are dark gray birds with orange breasts and bellies.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Fields, forests, gardens, parks, and yards

nesting habits:

American robins build cup-shaped nests on horizontal branches out of dead grass, twigs, moss, paper, feathers and roots on the lower halves of trees.

seasons american robins are active in our area:

All year


Insects and fruit

hunting Behavior:

American robins forage on the ground.

Commonly Confused With:

Eastern Towhees

Male eastern towhee perched in a bare tree

American robins are often confused with eastern towhees because both have orange on their bellies.

American robin eating a worm

American robins have orange bellies. Eastern towhees have orange on the sides of their bellies.

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