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American white pelican and gull in flight

Did you know that one adult American white pelican can weigh as much as 30 pounds?

American White Pelicans
a Glance

Flock of American white pelicans on shore

Key Features:

American white pelicans are white birds with yellow around their eyes, large long beaks, and long necks.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Freshwater lakes and wetlands

nesting habits:

American white pelicans dig depressions in the ground to nest in.

seasons American white pelicans are active in our area:

Fall, winter


Fish, crawfish, salamanders, and tadpoles

hunting Behavior:

American white pelicans forage by dipping their beaks in water.

Commonly Confused With:

Brown Pelicans, Snow Geese, White Ibises, Whopping Cranes, and Wood Storks

Snowy egret behind bramble

American white pelicans are often confused with snow geese because both are white birds.

American white pelicans flying in a blue sky

American white pelicans have white wings. Snow geese have black on their wings.

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