Chimney Swifts


Chimney Swifts in North Louisiana

Chimney swift in flight

Did you know that chimney swifts eat and sleep while flying?

Chimney Swifts
a Glance

Chimney swift in flight

Key Features:

Chimney swifts are slender dark gray-brown birds.

Least Concern - Population Decreasing


Cities and towns

nesting habits:

Chimney swifts build half saucer shaped nests in chimneys, barns, cisterns, garages, outhouses, sheds, silos, vents, or wells out of twigs stuck to the wall with their saliva.

seasons chimney swifts are active in our area:

Spring, summer



hunting Behavior:

Chimney swifts hunt and eat in flight.

Commonly Confused With:

Barn Swallows, Cliff Swallows, and Tree Swallows

Adult barn swallow looking out from its perch on a tree

Chimney swifts are often confused with barn swallows because they are a similar shape and size. Chimney swifts are brown and narrower. Barn swallows have tawny underparts.

Chimney swift in flight

Chimney swifts are often confused with cliff swallows because both hunt in the air. Chimney swifts have longer narrower wings. Cliff swallows have white underparts.

Look for chimney swifts in your backyard in spring and summer.

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