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Ring-billed gulls flying through blue sky

Did you know that ring-billed gulls nest together in colonies of thousands?

Ring-Billed Gulls
a Glance

Ring-billed gull landing with other ring-billed gulls on a wooden perch

Key Features:

Ring-billed gulls are white birds with gray backs, black ring around their beaks, and black and yellow feathers on the end of their tails.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Lakes, landfills, parking lots, ponds, reservoirs, and streams

nesting habits:

Ring-billed gulls build nests on the ground out of grass, leaves, lichen, sticks, and twigs.

seasons ring-billed gulls are active in our area:



Earthworms, fish, garbage, grain, insects, and rodents

hunting Behavior:

Ring-billed gulls forage on the ground, in water, and in the air. They also steal from other birds.

Commonly Confused With:

Herring Gulls

Ring-billed gull flying away through a blue sky

Ring-billed gulls are often confused with herring gulls because both are white birds with gray backs.

Ring-billed gulls swimming

Ring-billed gulls are smaller and have black rings around their beaks.

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