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Tufted titmouse looking out from its perch on a tree limb

Did you know that tufted titmice steal hair from mammals to build their nests?

Tufted Titmice
a Glance

Tufted titmouse on a roof

Key Features:

Tufted titmice are small stocky birds with silvery grey backs, heads, and wings, white below, and buff coloration on their sides.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Forests and yards

nesting habits:

Tufted titmice build cup-shaped nests in tree cavities out of bark, cotton, grass, hair, leaves, moss, and wool.

seasons tufted titmice are active in our area:

All year


Berries, insects, nuts, seeds, snails, and spiders

hunting Behavior:

Tufted titmice forage in trees and on the ground.

Commonly Confused With:

Carolina Chickadees

Carolina chickadee snacking on a seed from its perch on a bush branch

Tufted titmice are often confused with Carolina chickadees because both have white bellies.

Tufted titmice are larger. Carolina chickadees have black caps and throats.

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