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Phaon crescent butterfly on a white and purple flower

Did you know that phaon crescent butterflies rarely fly more than six inches from the ground?

Phaon Crescent Butterflies
a Glance

Phaon crescent butterfly on a blade of grass

Key Features:

Phaon crescent butterflies are butterflies that have black and orange wings that have cream bands on them.


Fields, meadows, openings in forests, pastures, and roadsides

nesting habits:

Phaon crescent butterflies lay clusters of 20 to 200 eggs on the underside of the lower leaves of host plants.

seasons phaon crescent butterflies are active in our area:

Spring, Summer, Fall



hunting Behavior:

Phaon crescent butterflies forage close to the ground and pollinate when they eat nectar.

Commonly Confused With:

Pearl Crescent Butterflies

Pearl crescent butterflies on the mud

Phaon crescent butterflies are often confused with pearl crescent butterflies because both have orange and black wings. 

Phaon crescent butterfly on a large-bur marigold

Phaon crescent butterflies have cream colored bands on their wings.

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