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Philadelphia vireo landing on a tree

Did you know that Philadelphia vireos sing similar to red-eyed vireos?

Philadelphia Vireos
a Glance

Philadelphia vireo foraging in flight

Key Features:

Philadelphia vireos are small gray birds with white eyebrows and yellow throats and bellies.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Forest, near lakes, ponds, and streams and overgrown pastures

nesting habits:

Philadelphia vireos build cup-shaped nest built from bark, birch, cocoons, feathers, grass, lichen, spiderwebs, and weeds, placed on the forks of deciduous limbs.

seasons philadelphia vireos are active in our area:

Spring, fall


Insects and berries

hunting Behavior:

Philadelphia vireos catch insects in the air and forage in trees and shrubbery.

commonly confused with:

Red-Eyed Vireos, Tennessee Warblers, and Warbling vireos

Philadelphia vireos are often confused with Tennessee warblers due the fact that they are both tiny gray birds.  Tennessee warblers have olive on their wings and backs.

Red-eyed vireo looking down from its perch on a tree branch

Philadelphia vireos are often confused with red-eyed vireos due to their size and color.  Red-eyed vireos are bigger and have black on their heads.

Look for Philadelphia vireos in your backyard in spring and fall.

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