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Male purple finch foraging on a bush

Did you know that male purple finches can hop as high as a foot?

Purple Finches
a Glance

Male purple finch looking out from his perch on a bare bush branch

Key Features:

Male purple finches have red-brown backs with pinkish bellies. Females are brown with white streaks.

Least Concern - Population Decreasing



nesting habits:

Purple finches are territorial during breeding season. They build cup-shaped nests made of grass, hair, roots, sticks, and twigs.

seasons purple finches are active in our area:



Berries, buds, insects, nectar, seeds

hunting Behavior:

Purple finches forage in trees, on shrubs, in weeds, and on the ground. They forage in flocks outside of nesting season.

commonly confused with:

Pine siskins

Pine siskin foraging on a dead plant

Female purple finches are often confused with pine siskins because they are both brown with streaks.

Pine siskin foraging

Pine siskins have light yellow on their wings and female purple finches do not.

See purple finches in your backyard in the winter.

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