Canada Geese


Canada Geese in North Louisiana

Did you know that Canada geese can fly up to 1,500 miles a day?

Canada Geese
a Glance

Key Features:

Canada geese are brown with black necks, white cheeks, and pale underparts.

Least Concern - Population Increasing


Estuaries, fields, lakes, marshes, pastures, ponds, and reservoirs

nesting habits:

Canada geese build nests on the ground out of dried grass, feathers, lichen, and moss.

seasons Canada Geese are active in our area:



Berries, grass, sedge, and seeds

hunting Behavior:

Canada geese graze.

commonly confused with:

Double-Crested Cormorants and Snow Geese

Double-crested cormorant in flight
Canada geese are often confused with double-crested cormorants at a distance because they have similar shapes.
Canada geese are often confused with adult male blue morph snow geese because they have similar colors.
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